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Endrick IT Ltd. Bonded Broadband - 30 day money back guarantee!

What is Bonded Broadband?

Bonded Broadband increases your broadband download and upload speeds by bonding (or aggregating) multiple DSL lines into one single superfast reliable broadband connection. The resulting speed increase is comparable to services such as expensive leased lines solutions costing 10 times more.

Increasing speed provides better quality VoIP and video conferencing services, helps ensure that off-site data backups complete on time and provides faster data transfers between sites and home-workers using Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Bonded Broadband is an excellent solution for those who send large video, graphic, or image files.

With both the downstream and upstream connections multiplied, businesses can make more effective use of their time and not have to wait as long for transfers to complete.

What do you get with Bonded Broadband? Call back request form
check mark Downstream speed up to 80Mbps
check mark Upstream speed up to 10Mbps (40Mbps using fibre connections)
check mark Enormous 2000Gb monthly data transfer allowance
check mark Maximum 16 IP addresses
check mark Onsite Engineer Install
check mark SLA 99.9% uptime
check mark Onsite Engineer Response Guarantee
check mark Supported by us directly, here in Glasgow
check mark Zero Month Contract (including PSTN lines)

More Reliable Internet Connection

Many businesses rely on an Internet connection. A connection with guaranteed uptime is not always cost effective. Bonded Broadband bridges the gap between a typical DSL or cable connection and expensive leased lines. This allows businesses to take advantage of greater uptime, resiliency, and reliability… and save money at the same time!

For a remote video broadcast crew or video conferencing, the increased reliability provided by Bonded Broadband is an extremely cost effective solution which produces a professional end result. Businesses that rely on off-site employees to complete mission critical work will find Bonded Broadband provides the required reliability.

Expandable Internet Connectivity

Adding multiple connections is not only cost-effective, it's easy. Bonded Broadband can adapt to the demands of your business with nominal hardware costs. Bonded ADSL can scale to increase capacity when the need arises, as well as scale back down to save costs. Part of the value of Bonded Broadband is its ability to scale without complexity. Whether your business is looking to increase speed or reliability, the service easily scales to meet your needs.

The Simple Broadband Bonding Solution

Utilising existing connections and readily available, inexpensive hardware, Bonded Broadband makes it easy for you to increase your internet connection's speed, reliability and quality. The service simplifies the process of making your internet connection meet the demands of your business.

Site-to-site connectivity

The VPN Firewall router comes with 50 available IPsec VPN tunnels, enabling your company to easily setup very secure connections between two or more business locations and/or homeworker’s homes. Endrick IT provide FREE support and advice for this connectivity type and will configure the VPN Firewall Router supplied accordingly.

How much is Bonded Broadband likely to cost me?

Prices start from £45 per month for a 2 line solution using your existing hardware and internet connections and can be setup in as quickly as 24 hours.

Typically, new customers will only have one internet connection and probably require new BT telephone lines (PSTN lines) installed to accommodate the new Bonded Broadband solution. Endrick IT will provide these for you - Endrick IT supply and install everything you need to start using Bonded Broadband; new BT line installation and rental, broadband for each line, all cabling, power surge adapters, switches, bonding routers, VPN Firewalls and fully support the entireBonded Broadband Cost solution.

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